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10 January 2006 @ 08:54 pm

from now on my journal shall be friends only so if you would like to be added to my friends list please comment me and i shall add you




05 January 2006 @ 04:36 pm
Much Congrats Love Kisses and Hugs To Stacy Who Had Her Baby This Morning, It's A Little Girl And Shes Calling It Hannah Louise.

That Is All
04 January 2006 @ 02:20 pm
Thank Fuck that's over with. I just finished my biology coursework finally, it's only taken me two days and its still shit but im really past caring at this moment in time. Back to school tomorrow just ijn time for out cushy thursday free. i mean i still have like 2 essays and a fact file to write but im leaving them till the weekend coz they dont have to be in till next week so yeah just guh.
03 January 2006 @ 12:03 pm

just showing offf my pressie from frith cause it is so fantasticly wonderfully mint.

02 January 2006 @ 07:04 pm
Happy New Year

I know it's a bit late but my modem crashed yesterday so i haven't been able to get on the net.
New Years Eve was the best in a long long time, went to jay's with andrew and sarah and drank lots and played buzz on the PS2 by which point sarah couldnt really see the screen and she saw the new year in lying on the floor coz the room was spinning.

That was short and to the point, cheery-o
31 December 2005 @ 04:25 pm

swingbridge reunion photos under the cut

Hurry Down Sun Down, Take The Old DayCollapse )

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31 December 2005 @ 08:51 am
Last Night was fucking amazing
We all sounded fab especially with all the oldies singing with us
I ate many jafa cakes many many jafa cakes
I love mon frith, she bought me edible underwear and made me a fab frame with swingbridgy pics in it!
It is much prettyness
I hope Scotteeeeee uses the recording of Hurry Sundown from last night, it sounded amazing and felt amazing to be part of it.
I shall put pics up later
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29 December 2005 @ 01:06 pm
Wellllll I havne't updated for a few days so i shall fill you in.
Yesterday I went to town with mon parents and bought myself a shmexy shinny new camera for only £99.99. It is mosty shmexy full and I shall post pics of me posing with the camera when I am in my own house. I also got Cruel Intentions on DVD from silverscreen for the small price of £2.99 I <3 that film I do. Went home and played with my camera and watched Cruel Intentions, downloaded the soundtrack had a huge raggy with my parents which meant i couldn't go to Nat's which sucked the preverbial cock because I so much wanted to see peoples and i took my rage out on sarah over the phone and just guh.

Today I have been in town again but it was pretty pointless coz i had no money but my wonderful aunty frances i love her i do bought me a grande gingerbread latte in starbucks.I also got some cutesy little hair bands from john lewis kids department and they are all glittery and shinny and wow.

Nature might as well of pissed all over my holiday as its fucking snowed and its fucking cold and just guh i cant feel my feet and im wearing two pairs of tights and a pair of socks its bloody stupid.

Tis the Swingbridge reunion tomorrow at teh Sage shall be teh wonderfulness i get to se Frith and Lucy and Tom and everyone again and Jess aswell but that is so not a good thing. There will be photo's too which i shall put up so that people can steal them and marvel at the wonderful yellowness of the whole thing. oooooooo i just remembered that tomorrow i get my secret santa pressie from mon frithabell *jumps up and down like small child*

Anyone who has nothing better to do with there friday night, (not many people i know) get your asses down to the sage gateshead Hall 2 6:00 or maybe 6:30 one isnt sure tickets £3 or £6 for adults to see the best (frith agree with me on this one) the most yellow, the most wonderful 4ths in the world and the rest of the choir of course. Honestly if you are really bored tomorrow night it will be a fab concert and i believe that we shall be recording some of it to go on the cd too so its all good.

eeeeeeeee im geet excited about tomorrow now.

im hungry im going to make myself a sandwitch.

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28 December 2005 @ 01:41 pm
Any one who is going to nat's reads this before hand, i'm not coming, sorry something came up love yas all xxxxxxxxx
27 December 2005 @ 08:42 am
Look Gemma heres an update for you which shall be longer than 4 line and still as boring as usual.

Hope everyone had a fantastic christmas, I haven't updated since saturday so i shall start from the start.

Well on christmas eve i was very good and stayed up for midnight mass, we got there sang some carols and them John decided he didnt feel to fantastic so I ended up bringing him home. I was out of the house for a grand total of an hour, Back by 12:30 and I could have been in bloody bed instead of singing fucking christmas carols, cringing at the fact that only one woman in the choir can sing the descants and even then badly and all this when i was extremely extremely tired.

I got up at 7 on christmas morning expecting John to be bouncing off the walls waiting to go downstairs but he wasn't, I had to wait till 7:30 and then we went in and woke him up and went downstairs. Opened all my pressies adn stuff then when we where ready we went to my Granny's for pressies from her and my aunty and cousins. Then home for leftover christmas dinner, (we have our christmas dinner on christmas eve coz it saves my mother on christmas day or something) Then i watched Shrek and something else which i can no longer recall and then we went to my Grandma and Granda's for pressies for then, I had been good up until then and not drank anything but its hard when your Aunties insist that you drink something so I did not much but enough to put a nice haze on everything.

Boxing day. Back to Grandma's for pressies from all my aunties and people from Blyth. I ate to much and really did drink to much, Cider, Smirnoff Ice, Doolies I mean FFS I don't even like Doolies so i must have been pretty far gone byt then. In great Hannen Boxing day tradition the sing star came out with the new 80's disk and severla drunken relatives including my mother spent about two hours on the blasted thing and tried to force me to sing, it wasnt going to happen i wasnt that drunk yet. Then we played a few rounds of Buzz before bed.

A rundown of my christmas pressies for your viewing pleasure:
-Shinny Black Creative Zen Mini MP3 Player
-Alex Parks-Honesty CD
-Closer DVD
-2 Coats (yes andrew 2 i will never be cold again)
-Various Clothing Items
-Blue Fairy Lights
-Make Up (bright pink eye shadow and when i say bright i mean flurescent (WTF SP?))
-A New Umberela (I wouldnt normally be so excited about an umberela but ever since i lost mine on the way back from school i have been pretty desperate)
-Red and Black Stripy Leg Warmers
-2 HUUUUUUUUGE mugs, One Nightmare Before Christmas, One Winnie The Pooh
-Stuff From Lushhhh
-Dolce & Gobanna Light Blue
And lots of other little random stuff that I'm not going to waste time putting down.

It has to be said that all my spare time has been spent downloading stuff and putting it on the MP3 player which has got 286 tracks (out of a possible 3000) on it after two days of broken up downloading.

My face is gettin really spotty I think it might have something to do with all the crap I have eaten over christmas.

No-one. By no one I mean me and Mell. Has heard anything about Stacie yet.

Mell I still have your pressie here and although you know what it is I would quite like you to have it I mean I have no want for it really.

Is anyone else finding that now christmas is over they are kind of at a loss for what to do next?

I was going to go to the Metro centre today just for something to do but I was watching the news and aparently people have been queing since 3 this morning to get into the sales so I dont think I will.

Gemsh I hope you are proud of this entry because I am I never write long entries because I never really have much to say this is probably going to be the longest and probably most possitive entry you will get from me for a while.

EDIT: I just remember due to my inept video recording skills I haven't got the Dr Who christmas invasion to watch adn it's not on teleport on telewest either so if anyone has it tapped from sunday I would greatly appreciate the chance to borrow it.
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